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If You Love Airtasker – You Need to Try LocaL2Local

If You Love Airtasker – You Need to Try LocaL2Local

If you love Airtasker – you need to try the LocaL2LocaL App.

Not everybody has time to write up the details of a task, wait for Taskers to offer quotes and work out times/dates that fit both their schedules. Some people need access to cost-effective and reliable services NOW – and that's where LocaL2LocaL comes in.

LocaL2LocaL differs from Airtasker in that there is no quoting, no guessing and no waiting around. It was created to enable Service Seekers access to immediate service from available Service Providers whenever they need it – day or night.


Instead of posting a task, setting a budget and waiting for random Taskers to make offers - you are in control. With LocaL2LocaL, Seekers simply find active Providers from a live map, compare set prices, qualifications and reviews, and can choose to have them complete a job immediately or schedule a time within a two day period. Once a Provider accepts a service request, you can track them on their way to the job location of your choice.


There's no need to compete for the cheapest price on 'tasks' as done on Airtasker or waste time quoting. By creating a Service Provider profile, individuals and businesses have access to free advertising to all our registered Service Seekers. If a Service Seeker likes what they see, you'll receive a job request notification, of which you can accept or decline. Once you accept a job, the payment is held and released once the job is completed – less an engagement Fee of just 12%.

LocaL2LocaL combines the services of Airtasker with the convenience of an Uber style app to create the ultimate mobile service requesting tool. It's free to download and register from the App Store and Google Play. Service Seekers also have access to their profiles, and can request assistance online.

Whether it's dog-walking, changing a light bulb or even a last-minute caterer – LocaL2LocaL has you covered when you need it.

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