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5 Simple Skills You Can Turn Into Side Income

5 Simple Skills You Can Turn Into Side Income

In 2017, approximately 60% of actively trading businesses in Australia were solo-owned and operated. We live in a world that's becoming increasingly easier to work for ourselves, and turn simple skills into holidays, new cars and fully-fledged businesses.

The phenomenon is both exciting and EASY to do.

If you're ready to say goodbye to the 9-5 and start working for yourself, here are out Top 5 Simple Skills you can turn into side income on LocaL2LocaL.

 1. Driving

With ride-sharing apps appearing left, right and centre – it's become apparent that driving in the comfort of our own cars is a popular venture.

All you need is a valid driver's license, a suitable vehicle and mobile device.

LocaL2LocaL offers Providers the opportunity to sign-up as a Driver or Courier, and complete one-off drives at a set price – often attracting a higher profit margin than other popular ride-sharing apps.

If having strangers in your car isn't 'your thing', sign up as a Courier instead!

2. Changing Light bulbs

Yes, you read that correctly! We've had hundreds of Service Seekers looking for Service Providers to change a light bulb for them. Not everybody knows how to do this simple task, and are willing to pay people like YOU to do it for them.

If changing light bulbs comes second nature to you, why not sign up and add a couple extra dollars to your savings account?

3. Mobile Device Set-Up

More and more people are struggling to keep up with how fast technology has advanced. Add to this time constraints and sheer laziness - we have a market for Mobile Device Set-Up services.

Seekers on LocaL2LocaL are usually looking for Providers that can unpack, set-up and transfer data from previous mobiles.

TIP: Include an 'Introduction and How-To' with your Mobile Device Set-Up Service to help you stand-out.

4. Dog-Walking

Did you know there were approximately five million pet dogs owned by Australians in 2018? That's five million opportunities you could be making money off!

These days, people are becoming increasingly stressed, time-restrained and in some cases… lazy.

All you need to walk a dog is two legs and strong arms. Sign up as a Dog-Walker on LocaL2LocaL and pocket some extra cash.

5. Handyman

Our most popular Service Seeker requests are for general handyman work. The Services can range from Flat Pack Installation to Gutter Cleaning, and everything in between. If you are a Mr Fix-It or know someone else that is, LocaL2LocaL is a hotspot for paid handyman work!

Do you know have any of these skills?

The LocaL2LocaL App is free to download and use from the App Store and Google Play (hyperlink). Signing up takes minutes, so why not give it a shot. If you're interested in viewing the other Services available to register on LocaL2LocaL, you can view them here.

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