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10 steps to a chic bathroom

There's no denying that Bathroom Renovations can be costly. But we're big believers in the idea that good style doesn't have to have a high price tag, which is why we came up with a fresh batch of budget-friendly decor ideas that actually make a difference. Just because we can't splurge on the clawfoot tub of our dreams doesn't mean we can't give our bathrooms a major design upgrade. In an effort to make fresh, stylish interiors a little more accessible, we're spotlighting cheap yet chic bathroom styling tips and hacks.

1. Look For Unusual Tiles
Of course, every bathroom has tiles, but what if you chose something unusual?
Instead of ordinary square ones, why wouldn't you think about some extravagant shapes, such as a hexagon or rhomboid tiles? 
This would make your chic bathroom pop.

2. Implement Wooden Elements

Wood can add a designer note to your bathroom, and you can try with an elegant wooden stand for towels and toiletries which you can hang on the wall. Wood stump stools beside the tub, timber vanities, and even wood planks on the wall are also welcome here.

3. Add Beautiful Rattan Storage Baskets

One of the simplest ways to improve your bathroom appearance is to hide your toiletries in lovely rattan baskets which will bring style into your space. There are tons of them, you can choose either white or beige, blue or mint, or even natural wood shades just make sure you can connect them with colours on the walls and cabinets.

4. Many Shades Of The Same Colours
Going monochromatic is another great idea! Wrap your bathroom with monochromatic tiles to create a  trendy, watery and ambient look. You can also create interesting patchwork that matches even ordinary cabinets and vanities. You don't have to choose a neutral color for your monochromatic scheme. A pretty blue or aqua paint color in varying shades can be super relaxing, too.

5. Bold And Stylish Wallpaper
You can create a custom bathroom style with just a little wallpaper. Old school wallpaper borders are not as popular as they once were, but using wallpaper with crown molding creates an elegant look. In a powder room try a wallpaper accent wall for a glamorous bathroom style.
Just remember that you can only implement this in bathroom with really good ventilation... Powder rooms and guest baths are the perfect spots.

6. Upgrade Your Tub
Bathroom renovation is an ideal time to replace your ordinary shower tub with a stylish free-standing one and turn your bathroom into a relaxing spa zone. Depending on your preferred style, you can choose anything from vintage tubs with glamorous metal legs to contemporary ceramic tubes which feature modern lines.

7. Add Some Eclectic Notes With Bathroom Rugs
Replace your regular bath mat with more inviting and comfortable rugs and create an irresistible eclectic look. For a chic effect, place a colourful rug in front of your bathtub, don't forget to make sure it creates cohesion with walls, decor and bathroom vanities.

8. An Authentic Ceiling Lamp
Instead of the classic chandelier, opt for an extravagant ceiling lamp which creates dramatic lighting and features interesting shapes and patterns. Lamps with Moroccan patterns, carved lampshades or Asian-style lighting with wooden propellers can add a dramatic touch to almost any bathroom.

9. Opt For Rustic Vibes
Try to paint your chipped wooden backdrops to make your bathroom look amazing. You can also hang rustic wall clocks, opulent sconces and embroidered details to add even more vintage vibe. This style can go without tiles, but consider a rustic brick floor and porcelain bowl as a beautiful vintage sink.

10. An Extravagant Mirror
For instant transformation, consider decorating your bathroom walls with simple but classy framed mirrors. Hang several mirrors next to each other, but pair different shapes, such as round and rectangular.

You sure don't need to implement all these ideas at once, it will just overwhelm your space. Pick some ideas you found the most suitable for your bathroom, and it will definitely look more chic and modern. Even simple ventures and a little creativity can provide your bathing nook with a bunch of styles and alluring appearance.

Let us know how you go! 

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